Jonas Gutierrez's 10 greatest tweets '“ including slamming Mike Ashley and praise for Newcastle fans

Jonas Gutierrez has become something of a cult figure on social media with his outspoken and often though-provoking, emotional tweets.

Friday, 15th April 2016, 10:13 am
Updated Friday, 15th April 2016, 10:17 am
Jonas Gutierrez won his tribunal case against Newcastle

After the former Newcastle midfielder took to Twitter yesterday following the news he had won a discrimination case against the club, we look at some of the his best 140 character messages.

1) “Ashley, one thing, you don’t understand Newcastle, you don’t understand the fans and the city. We deserved more. We are the geordie nation”

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This tweet was posted as part of his reaction to his case win yesterday. While he is firmly in support of the fans, his thoughts towards owner Mike Ashley do not seemed to have changed in the slightest...

2) “One tweet for the #nufc fans. Still believe. I came from Cancer because I believe so we can stay up if we believe. Come on geordie nation”

Posted earlier this month, Gutierrez has still kept an eye on the Toon’s fortunes throughout this season despite playing in Spain now, and has regularly tweeted encouraging the Newcastle faithful to keep getting behind the side.

3) “I have a lot of memories of my 7 years at the club and I can say one thing about that, thank you geordies for your support”

Jonas Gutierrez

A final tweet to the Toon Army as a Newcastle player as it was announced he was not going to be staying at St James’s Park.

4) “Two things I learn from my illness ­ how you can support a player (Newcastle fans) and how you leave a player alone (Newcastle owner)”

Another swipe at Ashley, Gutierrez again praised the Newcastle faithful for their support during his cancer treatment, while also slating the club’s owner, who was reported to have not been in any contact with the midfielder while he was away from the club.

5) “Life put the cancer in my way, and when something like that happens, well, it teaches you a lot.”

Mike Ashley

This tweet received 432 retweets and 801 likes as the midfielder began to think of options away from St James’s Park in July.

6) “Today is exactly half of the year. Its 12 PM 1st of July. Time goes by. #JulyArrived”

Jonas must have been waiting all day to post this...

7) “I think man to man, face to face is the nice thing to do.”

Jonas Gutierrez

The Argentinian voiced his frustration on the back of his release from Newcastle, which came via a phone call. Gutierrez later said he was made to feel like the club “don’t care.”

8) “There are no excuses or limits, there is only one goal, overcome”

Almost towards the end of his cancer treatment, Gutierrez continued to receive numerous messages of support from fans and players alike, and this tweet on May 13 was evidence of his determination to beat his illness.

9) “I’m alive again. More alive than I had been in my whole entire life. #tattoo

Supported with a picture of his new tattoo on his right arm, along with the date he beat cancer. Jonas’ new ink featured lyrics of an Eminem song.

10) “Believe in yourself. You must be confident that you can overcome any obstacle. The only opponent is you. Your goal is to improve yourself.”

Mike Ashley

An inspirational quote to finish this list. Jonas never gave up on his battle to beat testicular cancer, and he has proven to be a role model for all men suffering from the same illness.