Joe Danger: iPhone/iPad: Action: £1.99

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HE started life as a paperboy, and now Joe Danger has reached the dizzy heights of stuntman extraordinaire, trading pedal power for full throttle on his motorbike.

All you’ve got to do is navigate the dozens of craftily-constructed tracks, jumping obstacles and collecting all manner of items along the way.

You’d better have your wits about you, because once the action warms up, you’ll be tapping all over the screen to ensure you nab everything to net you three stars on each level.

Your frustration levels may red-line at times, but that makes success all the sweeter, as Joe Danger’s slick, simple controls reward lightning reactions.

Oodles of character customisation content adds a humorous layer to the colourful, super crisp presentation, making this quick-fix action reflex-fest a stunt show you can’t afford not to get involved in.