Jeremy Kyle shoplifter slapped with Asbo

Ashlea Pinder
Ashlea Pinder
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A JEREMY Kyle Show guest and prolific shoplifter has been slapped with a two-year Asbo.

Ashlea Pinder, who appeared on the show in a feature entitled “Violent drunken teenage relationship, but should we have a baby?”, has been given the antisocial behaviour order after police said other attempts to stop her offending had failed.

The conditions mean the 22-year-old, from Walkworth Crescent in Westlea, Seaham, will be put before court if she enters a shop she is banned from, or the street where she and pals have caused grief.

Pc Warren Gibson, of Seaham Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “We have taken this action for the protection of Seaham’s community and to assist us as we help curb her behaviour as part of a group.

“Her offending behaviour has increased dramatically over the last 18 months and she has come into contact with the neighbourhood policing team on a number of occasions.

“She has had quite a significant impact on the town, particularly on shops and their staff, and she has been part of a group of people who have caused problems for elderly residents in the Wells Crescent area with their violent and drunken behaviour.

“We’ve tried to deter her, but this has been the final straw when we’ve done all we can.”

Pinder must not enter stores where she has been given a written ban, including members of the Shop Watch scheme, Tesco Express on Stockton Road and Aldi in the town centre, and must leave any premises where she is asked to.

She can only pass through Wells Crescent, which leads to Walkworth Crescent, in a vehicle and should not harass, pester, intimidate or abuse others or incite or encourage anyone else to do what she is banned from doing as part of her order.

Pinder featured on Jeremy Kyle in 2009 when she and her then-boyfriend were condemned for not considering the consequences of unprotected sex, prompting an online campaign to bring the TV star to Seaham so he could “sort out idiots”.