Jack Ross gives his verdict on the decision to abandon Sunderland's League One clash

Jack Ross says he has 'no issues' with the decision to abandon Sunderland's League One clash with Accrington Stanley.

Saturday, 8th December 2018, 4:03 pm
Updated Saturday, 8th December 2018, 4:10 pm
A second half downpour made the Accrington Stanley pitch unplayable

There were just 20 minutes left in the game when referee Oliver Langford took the players from the field, with the scores level at 1-1.

Sunderland had gone close to retaking the lead just moments before when a Chris Maguire effort clipped the crossbar, but Ross says the game was descending into farce.

"Yeah [right decision]," Ross said.

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"I think that when the game is level, it makes it easier for everyone to accept the decision.

"I had my concerns about the game starting, the conditions were borderline playable and then obviously in the second half it worsened to the extent that, you can't play on that," he added.

"There becomes an element of farce about it after that. I have no issues with the decision."

Heavy rainfall in the build up to the game had put the contest in doubt, with numerous inspections taking place.

The conditions eased for much of the game but a severe downpour in the second half had an obvious affect on the pitch.

Ross says both sides could have suffered in that final 20 minute period and so is happy for the game to be replayed at a later date.

"If it ends up costing you points then it affects you achieving what you want to achieve this season," he said.

"I wasn't begging for it to be called off because we were well in the game. You saw in the couple of minutes before, Aiden had one where as he says, the pitch tackled him and left the ball 10 years behind.

"Then there's Chrissy's chance, he probably scores if the ball reaches him,[normally]. So no issues with the decision."