'It's not best out of three': How Echo readers feel about Labour and a second Brexit referendum

More than 1,000 Echo readers have voted in an online poll about whether or not they back Labour's call for a further referendum on leaving the EU.

Thursday, 28th February 2019, 11:11 am
Updated Thursday, 28th February 2019, 12:32 pm
Would you vote the same way in a second referendum?

And almost two-thirds of those who took part (63%) said they were not pleased with Jeremy Corbyn's support for a second referendum. The party leader revealed this week that Labour would put forward or support an amendment in favour of a public vote, if his party's Brexit demands were not met. When tabled on Wednesday in Commons, they were rejected.

Prime Minister Theresa May also said this week that MPs would be allowed to vote on blocking a no-deal Brexit and extending Article 50 if her Withdrawal Agreement loses at a "meaningful" vote on March 12.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Picture: PA.

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More than 1,060 of you took part in our online poll, with 671 of you expressing your unhappiness with Labour's support for a second vote.

Others argued that voters had "no idea" what Brexit would look like, and how the events of the previous two years would unfold.

Here is how you reacted to our poll on the Sunderland Echo Facebook page:

Prime Minister Theresa May. Picture: PA.

Joseph Hughes: "No, leave means leave so does that mean if we have a general election and we don't like the party that gets in we can have another vote? I don't think so."

Paul Hollingworth: "Sunderland was once such a vibrant economy. Shipbuilding, glass, coal. All gone now, due the Margaret Thatcher’s neo-liberal policies and the very same globalism that Europe gives us some protection from."

Steve Lee: "It's sad to see so many in this area wishing to STILL leave the EU when one or your major employers is slowly withdrawing from the area."

Sheila Treglown: "Voters decide to vote for leave. The government should respect the public."

Chris Roberts: "People on here crying democracy, did anyone here actually vote for Theresa May’s deal? No. Not one. Same for no deal, we had no idea what Brexit would look like and what we were told was a bunch of lies that fell apart the morning after."

Chris M Running: "I’m not sure a second referendum is a good thing. It would make more sense to revoke Article 50 and start again after a public inquiry into the first referendum has taken place."

Sheila Treglown: "The British voters are getting sick of all this and would like the Government to forget what they want and think of their voters."

Alan Parks: "No we've already voted. We either leave with a deal or leave without a deal."

Rich Outterson: "We have already had a referendum."

Nigel Davey: "It's not best out of three."

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Tezza McViper: "A true democracy allows a vote and stands by it, regardless of personal belief."

Steven Milner: "Should only be two choices on the Ballot paper if we have a second referendum. One, leave. Two, leave with a deal, if a deal is not secured within six months we leave anyway. Remain should not be on the ballot paper as we have already voted to leave."

Dave Lugsden: "A man told me that he had a wonderful drink that I could have if I voted for it. I did and then he told me it was poison. I said I’m not drinking it then. He said you voted for it and therefore drink means drink. Unbelievable."

Alan Wright: "We have already voted to leave. The questions should be: 'Do you want to leave on May's deal? Do you want to leave with no deal?'"

Steve Eastick: "Keep asking the same question 'til you get the answer you want. That's what British politics has come to ... really?"

Ronnie Bell: "What has a Labour party ever done for people in the North East in the last 50 years? I think the majority need to evolve and stop voting the same as their grandparents and great grandparents."

Allan Crago: "The whole thing has been a shambles from start to finish. Parliament is only reflecting public opinion which is also split, with some wanting a no deal Brexit even if it cost millions of jobs, others wanting a softer Brexit with trade deals with Europe, others wanting to stay but with conditions attached and others wanting to remain with no conditions attached."

Colin Mason: "Biggest stitch-up of all time."

Benj Eckford: "I’m a Mackem through and through, voted Remain in 2016, would vote Remain again now."

Andy Goulbourn: "The death of democracy, what’s the point of voting ever again?"