'It will be a massive loss' - 11 things you said about planned repairs for Sunderland Aquatic Centre

The public is waiting to find out when parts of Sunderland's multi-million-pound sports complex could close for months of repairs.

Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 12:59 pm
Updated Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 1:20 pm
Do you use the Aquatic Centre?

Echo readers have been having their say on the news, which came out following the agreement of an out of court settlement between Sunderland City Council and Balfour Beatty over the centre's leaking roof.

The roof starting leaking last year - and repairs to it could take between six and nine months to complete, with parts of the centre, which cost £20million, forced to close while the work is carried out.

Parts of the centre are expected to close for months.

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Those who use the centre will be notified 12 weeks ahead of any work, according to Everyone Active, which runs the centre on behalf of the council.

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The date is yet to be confirmed for the work, which will be carried out by the centre's builders Balfour Beatty.

Here's how you reacted to the story on social media:

Chris Redfern: "People travel for miles to use this facility when it closes for repairs it will be a massive loss to people who use it regularly. Nothing like it for miles."

Scott Griffin: "The place Is canny to be fair, I've been a few times, pool is good, gyms good, soft play is good. The problem is I am an adult so I use the pool to swim.

"Its not really a kids place to go and have fun, even the inflatables are boring after doing it once."

Paul Burdess: "The building has been a disaster from the start with one thing happening after another."

Lisa McGlynn: "Need a massive leisure centre on the seafront with fab parking. Seaburn centre was a complete waste of money and nothing in Sunderland for kids anymore.

"Leisure centre, ice rink, Newcastle Road all closed with nothing to replace them."

Steven Logan: "Apparently it’s the best pool between Edinburgh and Leeds , but if it’s got a leaky roof you will get wet when you go swimming."

Jay JungleBoy Banks: "Knock it down and rebuild the leisure centre ... it had more facilities and it was in a better area, also lasted a lot longer."

Jean Mitchell Wynd: "Repairs need to be kept up."

Rita Jameson: "Don't like it not suitable for little ones."

Peter Henderson: "Shouldn't have pulled down Newcastle Road baths just to build a houses on the land."

Paul Gettins: "Should [have] just refurbished the leisure centre, there were more activities there than just a swimming pool."

Robert Watson: "Hetton full of people, Washington full of people, South Shields full of people. Why is the Aquatic Centre empty?"