It’s the commute smart coffee cart...

The Go Smarter coffee cart team arrive in Washington
The Go Smarter coffee cart team arrive in Washington
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STAFF on three Wearside industrial estates have been served up with a pot of new transport ideas.

Workers on the Parsons, Armstrong and Crowther Industrial Estates in Washington, were treated to a free cuppa thanks to Tyne and Wear sustainable transport project, Go Smarter.

The Go Smarter Coffee Cart pulled up at each of the estates and offered workers a hot drink, as well as tips on how to reduce congestion and emissions, through car sharing, cycling and public transport.

Carol Dougherty, from Go Smarter’s Washington team, said: “We spoke to hundreds of people who work at the industrial estates in Washington and we talked about the various ways of reducing congestion on the roads, and also finding greener and healthier ways of travelling.

“We’re now working on creating each eligible person their own journey plan, which will offer recommendations on transport options such as car sharing and public transport.”

Every person who filled in a Go Smarter to Work travel survey, giving details about how they get to and from work, could be eligible for a personalised journey plan, created by the Go Smarter team.

Staff were also given details of some special incentives to help them make the switch from driving to work.

Carol added: “These include public transport taster tickets, where people can try out a public transport option for free, and cycle training, which provides tips and training on safe cycling.

“By encouraging more people to pick a sustainable way of travelling to and from work we can improve the health and wellbeing of employees, and also help relieve congestion.”