It’s mustard feeding kids

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A NEW restaurant has mustered up a children’s menu with a difference.

Chefs at Mrs Mustard restaurant in Durham City’s Saddler Street have come up with a new mild “mini” mustard to cater for the tastebuds of children.

The recently opened restaurant is named in tribute to Mrs Clements, who, almost 300 years ago, was the first person in the world to grind mustard seeds into the fine yellow powder still used today.

The restaurant, believed to be the first mustard-inspired eatery in the UK, offers diners an extensive choice of mustards with their meals, but its team of chefs has continued her pioneering work by creating a condiment of their own mustard to add some spice to the dishes for young children.

It will be served alongside the kids’ favourites such as sausage and mash and fish and chips.