It’s flab to fab for IT worker

Slimmer Ashley Moody, of Leechmere Road, Sunderland.
Slimmer Ashley Moody, of Leechmere Road, Sunderland.
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SUPER slimmer Ashley Moody is brimming with confidence after shedding more than six stone.

Always the big girl in her group of friends, Ashley, from Grangetown, has slimmed down from flabby to fantastic.

Before photo of slimmer Ashley Moody

Before photo of slimmer Ashley Moody

The 24-year-old decided she needed to shed pounds after a New Year’s Eve party left her feeling more bloated than beautiful. So the IT worker decided to join a friend at Slimming World in a bid to beat the flab.

Now the vegetarian has swapped cheese sandwiches, bags of crisps and chocolate for piles of fruit and healthy pasta dishes.

She has also added a 30-minute walk to her day to speed up her weight loss.

Ashley said: “I’d never had a spark or anything awful that had happened to me.

“It was just after a party and all my friends looked really nice and I was just in a pretty generic stretchy black dress.

“I was young, but I was dressing like I was not young.”

Now she has ditched her size 18-plus clothes for sleeker size 12s.

As well as losing six-and-a-half stone in 16 months, Ashley has also clinched the crown in Slimming World competitions including Greatest Loser, Woman of the Year and Miss Slinky.

She added: “I was probably eating at the wrong times. I’m vegetarian so it was difficult to find something to eat during the day, but now I’m really addicted to fruit and I miss it if I don’t have it.

“I was drinking cider and that is the only thing I have cut out.”

The friends she once compared herself to at parties are now celebrating her success.

“My friends just can’t believe it. Every time they see me they always say something so nice,” she said.

“I’ve always had the best friends, but now I’m like them and I never felt I was before.”

Slimming World consultant Tracy Hutchinson said: “Ashley is at her target weight and is very pleased with her weight loss.

“She has become more confident in herself and a lot happier.

“She was always known to be the big girl in her group of friends from a young girl, but she looks like a stunner now.”

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