It’s cool to be a frugal shopper

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REGIONAL shoppers are quids in after figures reveal they spend 27 minutes a week saving pounds.

A study by cashback website Quidco revealed the time spent coming up with creative ways to be careful and tighten up the purse strings sheds £19.70 off their weekly shopping bills.

Quirky saving strategies in the recession include 19 per cent of people growing their own vegetables and 10 per cent up-cycling clothes.

Despite North East residents only being the 10th most careful in the UK, 85.3 per cent agree it is cooler to be frugal now than it was before the economic slump.

In an age where every penny counts, 87 per cent of shoppers in the North East are 
now happier to use vouchers and discount codes when spending their hard-earned cash.

Other popular ways of saving cash include collecting reward points and discount vouchers.