‘It’s clear the pool is not safe’ – mum’s horror as son splits head in fall at park

HORROR ... Kelly Harris and son Adam who had accident at Riverside Park,Chester-le-Street
HORROR ... Kelly Harris and son Adam who had accident at Riverside Park,Chester-le-Street
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A MUM has spoken of her horror after seeing her six-year-old son split his head open after he slipped in an outdoor paddling pool.

Adam Wilson’s mum Kelly Harris, 26, screamed as she saw her little boy’s head pouring with blood after the fall at Riverside Park, in Chester-le-Street.

The youngster was tended to by a passing nurse who stayed with him until paramedics arrived and took him to the University Hospital of North Durham.

Adam’s three inch-wide wound required stitches.

Hairdresser Kelly, of Warkworth Close, in Oxclose, now wants council bosses to improve safety at the pool.

“It’s clear that the pool is not safe,” said Kelly.

“Adam was walking down a tiled sloping area towards the water when, out of the blue, he slipped and cracked the back of his head.

“It was awful to see and there was blood everywhere. I was just a few feet away but could do nothing.

“He was absolutely distraught, screaming, terrified and in tears.

“This kind of thing really shouldn’t happen on a day out to a park.”

Adam was with Kelly and one of her friends when he asked to paddle and stripped down to his swimming shorts.

Kelly says he took off his shoes and was walking slowly when he fell.

She added that the walkway was wet at the time from other children getting out of the water.

Kelly, who lives with Adam’s dad, locksmith Gavin Wilson, 35, said: “Adam loves swimming but now he says he is too scared to go back in the water.

“He’s very upset and I’m very angry about what has happened.”

Durham County Council, which manages the park, said it acted straightaway to ensure a non-slip surface in and around the pool was in place and undamaged.

A spokeswoman for the authority said the pool had to be closed for four days after glass was found inside.

The spokeswoman added: “That was not related to this incident.

“The pool has a non-slip surface and that was found to be in full-working order.

“It is checked by staff every day.

“If this lady would like to contact us to tell us the improvements she thinks should be made, we would certainly look at them.”

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