Inspirational Sunderland care home residents revisit youth with new film

Care home residents have hit the big screen as they bid to inspire other people living with dementia.

Friday, 25th May 2018, 6:00 am
Care home residents took part in a special project as they revisited their youth for a new film

Residents of Glenholme House, in Sunderland, have created a short film as part of a special project.

The film, called Welcome To Sunderland, was partly written and presented by people over the age of 80, most of whom live with dementia.

Care home residents took part in a special project as they revisited their youth for a new film

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It was created to share with care homes in Australia as part of a twinning project by Wellburn Care Homes, who run Glenholme House.

The presenters share their stories of their childhood in Sunderland as they visit many of the area’s landmarks.

Film-maker Ian Donaghy, who worked with the residents, said: “The project has been extremely uplifting for all involved and celebrates what we can do not what we can’t.

“So many people put a low ceiling of expectation of people but not us.

Film-maker Ian Donaghy with Mary Richardson, who wanted to climb up to Penshaw Monument again as she did as a young girl.

“A lot of the people have very short-term memories, and some of them couldn’t remember making the film at all.

“It was all recorded on a phone, so it was something anyone could do to make things a bit better for someone living with dementia.”

Residents and staff at the care home watched the film together after it was completed.

Making the film offered people the chance to revisit their youth, with one resident opting to go to the top of Penshaw Monument and another wanting to try glass-blowing for the first time.

Mr Donaghy added: “It’s amazing that they have made this to show what can be achieved.

“When we watched it all together, the staff and all the people who live at Glenholme House were absolutely glowing with pride.

“There were tears and laughter.

“People were so proud of everybody who was around them.

“There was a real feeling of togetherness and warmth.”