Innocent man hurt in brutal attack

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AN INNOCENT man was beaten and stamped on in a terrifying attack as he made his way home from a night out.

The victim was punched to the ground where his head was kicked and stamped on by strangers in Sunderland city centre.

He lost three of his teeth in the assault, had cuts to his scalp as well as bruises to his jaw, body, arms and legs as a result of the unprovoked violence.

Newcastle Crown Court heard he was targeted by 22-year-old David Railton, who punched him in the head, in January last year.

Others then joined in the sickening assault, where Railton then attacked the victim, who was trying to get away, with his feet.

One witness told police: “The male on the floor was trying to cover his head. The large male stopped kicking him.

“The male on the floor moved his hands away and the large male immediately kicked him in the side of the head.”

He added: “The large male was shouting ‘I’m going to kill you.’

“The large male repeatedly stamped on his head, four times.

“The male lay still and did not appear to be moving.”

Railton admitted assault.

The victim told police in a statement: “This was a totally unprovoked assault, I was just wanting to make my way home, I didn’t say a word.

“The assault has left me in fear of going out anywhere.”

He added: “No one should have to go through what I did.”

Recorder Gordon jailed Railton for 21 months.

The judge said: “You didn’t know him, he had done nothing to you to justify your attention.

He added: “It was not a reaction, it was entirely unprovoked and there was an element of persistence in what you did. He did not deserve what happened to him.”

Stephen Duffield, mitigating, told the court that Railton, of Garesfield Gardens, Burnopfield, had been involved in a confrontation with another man which the victim got caught in the middle of.