Incest parents and uncle jailed

A dad who repeatedly raped his own children while their mum watched has been jailed for 18 years.

The children, a girl and two boys, were systematically subjected to sickening abuse at the hands of their father and uncle.

The youngsters were also encouraged to have sex with each other and made to watch porn on the Internet.

The father, from South Tyneside, was found guilty of three charges of rape, the uncle, from Sunderland, found guilty of seven charges of rape, and the mum, from South Tyneside, found guilty of three child cruelty charges after a trial earlier this year.

The uncle was yesterday jailed for 15 years and the mum jailed for three.

Judge Guy Whitburn said the sick trio had shown "not a jot" of remorse for wrecking the children's lives.

He told them: "It is clear by your actions all three of you have completely destroyed the childhood of those children and scarred them emotionally and psychologically for life."

The judge said he was satisfied the father was the "controlling and dominant power" behind what went on.

But he told the mum: "It beggars belief that you, the mother of these three children, on their evidence, sat by and watched your husband abuse them. I would be failing in my duty if you did not go immediately to custody."

The dad and uncle both have extended licence periods after their sentences, meaning they will be closely monitored for years after their release from jail.

The three had denied the charges during a week-long trial at Newcastle Crown Court, during which the children had to relive their horrifying ordeals while giving evidence.

But the judge told them yesterday: "The children were believed by the jury, their evidence stood alone and the jury believed what they said.

"This is perhaps one of the worst cases that would come within the sphere of any sentencing court, multiple abuse, intimidation and threats."

During the trial jurors had heard of the sickening catalogue of sexual abuse suffered by the children.

Prosecutor Tim Parkin had told the jury: "They were abused by various people from whom they should have expected the highest degree of care and protection.

"I say that because it is their father, mother and uncle, the brother of their mother.

"The abuse is of the most gross kind. The allegations made by the children are horrific."

The video interview made by the girl victim was played to the shocked jury.

She told of the rapes on her and her two brothers.

Asked what she thought about it she said, "I didn't like it at all," and that it was "scary."

She said at times the rapes on her would take place "every night."

On one occasion she described her mother walking in on her being raped by her father.

The girl said: "She (the mum) didn't even do anything."