IN PICTURES: X Factor Lola’s family album

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FROM the moment she could talk she was singing.

And X Factor star Lola Saunders was happy to belt out her songs into any ‘microphone’ she could get her hands on.

YOUNG STAR ... Lola Saunders always loved singing.

YOUNG STAR ... Lola Saunders always loved singing.

As the 20-year-old from East Boldon gets set to sing for survival in tomorrow night’s live show, her parents Tina, and former Newcastle United footballer Wes Saunders, have shared their family album with the Gazette.

Tina said: “We love the picture of Lola singing into the turkey baster. It didn’t matter what it was, she’d be singing into it pretending it was a microphone.

“When she was tiny, we’d hear her belt out songs in the bath. I’d ask Wes what song it was and then we’d realise she was just making them up as she went along.

“Lola was never a showy child though, in fact she was very shy, she just liked performing on a one-to-one basis really, just with her family.”

After leaving Whitburn C of E Academy, Lola attended a preforming arts course before embarking on a children’s studies NVQ this year, with hopes of becoming a nursery nurse or a primary school teacher. For extra cash, she also worked at Latimer’s Fishmongers in Whitburn.

Tina, who is also mum to Harris, 16, said: “She always wanted to be a singer, but Lola also loves children, and this year she started studying child care qualifications.

“She’d been working in two schools as part of her studies before the auditions came up, and of course she was working at Latimer’s for pocket money.

“We’ve always been keen for the children to work and have jobs, so they can make their own way in the world.”

Homebird Lola is now having to cope with ‘leaving home’ for the first time and being separated from her family and boyfriend of four years Jordan Rutter, 20, from East Boldon.

Tina said: “I think there was 31 people in the X Factor house to start off with, so it’s a lot for her to get used to as she is such a homebird.

“Wes and I took the grandparents down to London with us last weekend, and the aunties are going this weekend, and, of course, Jordan is always there watching her perform.

“She stays with us after the live shows, and she is clearly missing us all. If she had a day off, I know she’d be back to East Bodlon in a shot.

“But thankfully there’s so much going on to keep her busy, and as long as her mind is occupied, she’ll be all right.”

Viewers have watched Lola battle with her nerves during earlier episodes of the ITV1 show.

However, Tina has revealed her daughter has even turned to hypnotism in recent weeks to help give her more confidence.

She said: “I think Lola will try anything to have more confidence, it was a local hypnotist that she went to and Jordan went along with her.

“By all accounts, Lola fell asleep and even Jordan was nodding off. She did marvellous last Saturday, so who knows, perhaps it has worked.”

Winning doesn’t matter for Tina, as long as her daughter stays strong and keeps it together.

She added: “Obviously we didn’t want her to get voted off in the first week, nobody would. But personally I just want her to get through her performance without any tears or nerves, that’s the main thing for me. I just worry about her, as any mother would.”

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