'I'm here with you every step of the way' - 20 messages of support for the Bradley Lowery Foundation

Hundreds of heartfelt messages have been shared with the Bradley Lowery Foundation following criticism of their work by online trolls.

Friday, 17th August 2018, 1:13 pm
Updated Friday, 17th August 2018, 1:15 pm
Bradley and Gemma pictured at his sixth birthday party.

Members of the public leapt to the defence of the charity when, in a lengthy Facebook post, it revealed that others have been criticising its work and aiming to "discredit" the support they have given to families since the death of Bradley Lowery in July last year.

Hundreds of comments have been shared on the foundation's Facebook page praising Gemma and Carl Lowery, Bradley's parents, his brother Kieran and co-founder Lynn Murphy.

Bradley and Gemma pictured at his sixth birthday party.

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Many also thanked the foundation personally for their work, which has supported many families across the region.

Here are some of your messages from social media:

Kenny Ashton: "To all at the foundation, especially Gemma, Lynn and Carl, I'm here with you every step of the way."

Nicola Warren: "I have a child with additional needs we fundraise for therapy and we fundraise for equipment - it’s hard . It’s hard physically but emotionally too. You guys are literally going above and beyond, you should be saluted and supported, well done."

Bradley lost his life in July 2017. Picture: Bradley Lowery Foundation.

Roxanne Williams: "To put your own grief aside and help other families with sick children is amazing! Keep doing what your doing, Bradley would be proud."

Gemma Holland: "Hold your head up high."

Anne Hudspith: "The majority of the world understand the wonderful work you all do and how incredibly hard it must be for Gemma, Carl and Kieran. Sending love, hugs and support to you all."

Claire Peacock Burnside: "All I see along with many millions is a family fighting to help keep other children alive and fighting for a cause close to their hearts. If people can’t see the awareness Bradley and his family have raised for neuroblastoma then they not worth the air we breathe."

Bradley's journey touched hearts around the world. Picture: Bradley Lowery Foundation.

Dave Appleby: "To Gemma, Carl ... your son IS an inspiration to all people and that has been proven over and over again. The two of you in your own rights are also a massive inspiration to families and friends of families that are going through the pain that you have been through."

Julie Walt: "I for one love Gemma Lowery she is a wonderful woman with a heart of gold (even though her gold heart has been broken) kind sympathetic considerate and compassionate, but even though I hold her in such high regards, and pray that I had half her strength."

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Bev Pryde: "Please leave this family alone and let them move forward in their own way. What they are doing by helping poorly children and their families is AMAZING. People should be thanking them not attacking them. Love to Bradley’s family and friends."

Mandy Fardoe: "Ignore the haters you're all doing an amazing job helping those in need, hugs to everyone doing an awesome job, god bless you and RIP little guy."

Anita Marinelli: "Think of all the good you are doing Gemma and let that good outweigh the bad! And you’re grieving for a child too!! These people should be disgusted with themselves."

Dave Clarke: "Stick by the fantastic work that is being done in the memory of a little boy who touched the lives of millions."

Wendy Martin: "There will always be people with bad thoughts and intentions, Bradley was an inspiration to the majority of us and it is because of people like him and his family we can rise above the negative comments."

Sharon Ely: "I cannot imagine the pain you must feel to lose a child. Bradley was an inspirational little boy and if his legacy lives on through the foundation then I take my hat off to you, because I don’t know if I could find the strength to get up in the morning never mind face the world every day after the sadness the family have suffered."

Sarah-Jane McMillan: "I think about this little boy a lot and his lovely smile and it makes me smile. (I’m an Everton fan and we held him close to our hearts). What you are doing is amazing and there will be always be haters but the positives are what you need to think of and cling to cause they outweigh the bad! Thoughts are with you all and keep up the amazing work."

Denize Halfpenny: "Carry on the fantastic work - no one will ever know if they might need your help one day."

Sarah Catherine: "If Gemma got the money I donated directly and spent it on a pedicure, I wouldn't mind one bit but I know she didn't. Heaven forbid that the bullies ever have to go through what she has. Your heads can be held high, you are helping others that need it."

Emma Harmer: "You are all amazing for helping and supporting the families in the way you do, and my heart goes out to you all for the loss you have suffered. Keep on guys."

Leigh Goundry Lye: "Not many parents could do what Gemma does after losing a child to go and help other families and I for one think she’s great! Ignore the haters we [are] all behind you."

Gemma Bestford: "Gemma I admire you, your strength and determination to face each day and help children in the memory of your beautiful boy is incredible."