'The ignorance is staggering!': Newcastle fans react after shocking talkSPORT comments

Newcastle United fans have staunchly defended their club and city after a series of comments on the Jim White show on talkSPORT.

Monday, 24th September 2018, 3:21 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th September 2018, 1:52 am
Newcastle fans have launched a defence of their club and city

White, along with former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy and broadcaster Ian Abrahams, engaged in a debate over whether or not the Magpies were a 'big' club.

While the host felt Newcastle were a big club, pointing to their large attendances, Murphy and Abrahams disagreed.

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"Newcastle are well-supported, but they are not a big club," argued Murphy.

"They are a team that yo-yo between the Championship and the Premier League. How is that a big club?

"Success and worldwide support [constitutes being a big club]."

Abrahams then stirred the pot even further, making a series of comments about Newcastle as a city.

"They get 52,000, but what else is there to do in Newcastle?," he asked.

"Some smart Alec on Twitter sent me something on TripAdvisor about what there is to do in Newcastle.

"I've looked at it right, and I think there's one art gallery and there's a few parks to walk round. Woopie! I won't go to the football, I want to walk round a park."

Such comments have naturally brought a strong response from Newcastle fans, who took to Twitter to air their frustrations with the comments.

Here's the best of the reaction from social media:

@paulleigh_ tweeted: "Does it really matter? If it’s your club, it’s BIG to you! Who cares what anyone else thinks?"

@jamesmorgan10 agreed, adding: "Exactly, its like playground stuff, my clubs bigger than yours"

"The ignorance on display here is staggering. Club has broken world transfer record with @alanshearer and have finished in the top 2 in PL once fewer than Liverpool. HOWEVER, ‘there’s nothing else to do’ is more naively insulting than any misguided football view. Clickbait pundit," said @furno5tom.

@MrSteel94 added: "Usually I don’t get involved in this sort of thing because this is what makes twitter horrible and I don’t care if you think NUFC is big, small, or whatever. But your comment about four parks and one art gallery. Is just plain ignorant. Just so you know. Not that you care either"

"For me if you get 52.000 week in week out you are a big club.. but like us and a few other clubs not very successful," added @2thornton1

@jamesalandixon said: "This is a pub argument. There is no set criteria for determining if a club is "big" or not. If you think a club has to win trophies to be big then you'll say no. If you're more concerned with the size of their support you'll say yes."

"Only gets voted as best city in the country every year, best nightlife in the country almost years and happiest place to live," argued @J_Young90