‘I’m taking the dog for a walk – we’re going 11,000 miles’

Scott Andrews with his dog Sam
Scott Andrews with his dog Sam
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AFTER this mammoth 11,000-mile trip, Sam might not be so excited the next time his owner shouts “walkies”.

Scott Andrews, 49, from Ryhope, is busy putting the finishing touches to a unique fund-raising event which will see him and his German shepherd make their way right around the British coast.

Leaving Seaham on Sunday morning, the pair will head clockwise around the island on their nine-month trek in a bid to raise more than £200,000 for the Children’s Society and County Durham animal charity Stray Aid.

The Asda employee has been given a career break by the supermarket, and staff and customers from across the UK have offered support, such as accommodation, during his hike.

“It’s really hectic,” Scott said.

“A woman in Falmouth has given us eight nights for free at a hotel in Newquay, and a guy from Sussex has phoned and donated a tracker for Sam.

“I hope the whole community comes down to see us off –that would be great.

“The Murton Colliery Band will be playing us off.

“I want to stress: people might talk about Sam, but he’s a fit and healthy dog.

“He’s been checked by the vet three times now, and he’s perfectly healthy.”

Scott added: “There are two things journalists have been asking me.

“First is: will I be bored? I won’t be bored. I’m seeing loads of things many people don’t get to see.

“They ask if I’ll be lonely, but I’ve got him with me, and I’ll be seeing thousands of people.”

The pair leave at 10am on Sunday from Tonia’s cafe in Seaham Hall car park.