'I am relieved he has gone' - Sunderland fans react to David Moyes' resignation

David Moyes.
David Moyes.
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Black Cats fans have said they are not sorry to see David Moyes resign from Sunderland after his disastrous season in charge at the Stadium of Light.

The Scot leaves Wearside after a dismal campaign in which his side managed to win six league games and two EFL Cup encounters.

George Forster.

George Forster.

Paul Dobson, of ALS fanzine, said the news came as " a relief".

"We are sick of changing managers and Moyes as the first to complete a full season since Steve Bruce, but his record has been a disaster.

"Not just how the team played but he never seemed to try and instil positivity or confidence in the team.

"There aren't many people who would have objected to getting him as he looked the right person to come in and carry on what Sam Allardyce.

Gary Rowell.

Gary Rowell.

"But he never seemed to have a plan."

Paul added that he thinks the club will go for a younger man as Moyes' replacement.

"I think the days of us getting old school managers are gone now," he said.

"It's a chance for someone who really wants to put their stamp on the club to come in and build a squad."

George Forster, of SAFC Supporters' Association, said: "I am not disappointed.

"I don't want to knock the man but the football has been diabolical. We always seem to be playing in our half, not the other team's half.

"Somebody did cross my mind and that was Kevin Ball, perhaps with Kevin Phillips as his coach.

"It is a big, big blow coming out of the Premier League and it will be a hell of a job to get back.

George also wants to see more football experience on the board: "Since Niall Quinn left, this club has gone to the dogs, you must have people who are steeped in football.

"I just don't know where we are going to go or what sort of manager we are going to get in, maybe a continental manager. I don't know who is available."

He does have some sympathy with Moyes over the delays in his appointment because of the Sam Allardyce situation.

"He got a raw deal - we should probably have had a fortnight's extension to the transfer window and I really don't know how so many of these injuries have come about.

"And I think the players have a lot to answer for."

But he said Moyes had been too downbeat from the start: "You don't want coaches that are negative. you want attacking football and people who want to win.

"You just don't mention the word 'relegation.' you want players going into every game wanting to win - and you must have a minimum of two people up front.

Sunderland legend Gary Rowell had already written his column for Tuesday's Echo when the news broke.

"It hasn't really taken me by surprise," he said.

"I got the feeling he wanted to go a few games ago.

"When he was asked about his future, he talked about having a four-year contract. That was not him saying "I want to be here going forward."

If he really wanted to be here, he would have said: "I have got plans."

"I don't think this will come as a massive surprise to Sunderland fans, I really don't."

The timing would at least ensure the club had time to prepare for life in the second tier:

"There is going to be a clear-out and this gives them a chance to get somebody new in to really put this stamp on it.

"Whoever gets the job needs to get hims feet under the desk and get to work straight away.

"We paid for it last year, it upset all the pre-season preparation.

"A change at the top might at least spark some of the supporters' enthusiasm again.

"The main thing about our club is the fans. We need to give them something to look forward to."