How you voted in our Sunderland parking permit poll

Why not join our parking permit poll?
Why not join our parking permit poll?
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Sunderland Echo readers overwhelmingly believe there are too many parking permit zones across the city.

Our poll attracted more than 800 responses with 638 people - 79 per cent of the vote - feeling the figure is too high.

Only 167 people - 21 per cent of the vote - disagreed with our question.

The poll was prompted by dozens of Facebook responses to our latest Letter of the week in which the author suggests such schemes merely milk more money out of drivers.

Football fans, Metro commuters, university students, town centre workers and shoppers were all mentioned as reasons why residents needed greater protection

But there are also fears that family or workmen cannot now visit permitted streets without risking fines and that the expanded zones are merely shifting problems further afield.

Now we want you to help us widen the debate further:

Are you a resident who has benefited from the introduction of a permit parking zone outside your home? Maybe you have a business which has suffered since customers were prevented from parking nearby.

Whatever your view, we'd like to hear it. Please write 250-300 words outlining how a particular permit zone affects you and explain why you are for or against it.

Please email your story to and include a contact telephone number (not for publication). Thank you.

What you have said so far:

Chris Barron said: "Nobody should have to pay for a permit. However, nobody has the right to a guaranteed parking space outside their property.

"The real issue is in built up areas there are to many cars and it will get worse unless public transport becomes more efficient /cheaper.

Ross G Palmer added: "No it’s brilliant, we’ve got them in our street. Fantastic.

"No more horrendous drive blocking pavement obscuring parking from people parking up all day to get the Metro to work or off to the match or over to the hospital.

"The cost of the permits probably contributes to the wages of the inspectors and not much else and remember all households in the areas get a free pass anyway and it’s only for street parking not on your own property parking.

"Hardly a cash cow when you think about it properly is it?"

Gary Butler wrote: "I used to live in a street where there was permit parking for match days. I got a ticket once on a day at 10am when the kick-off wasn't until after 7pm.

"The fact that the wardens were in that area at that time of the day goes to show it was about money and not to benefit the residence."

Dean Robson said: "I agree with others, it just moves the problem down the road to where the permit zones end. I live right on the edge of a large zonal area in Ashbrooke and parking is horrendous, cars all over the pavement, often get blocked in.

"If I nip out during daytime I've got no chance of parking back in that space, wanna park outside your own home?... Forget it."

Martin Allison added: "The scheme at the top of Newcastle Road and Station Road is for the Metro Station and boy has it made a difference if you live in Alston Crescent."

Grant Pearson said: "Wish they had it in my street , near the uni is horrendous, no one car park anywhere near.

"I cannot get workmen to come to do jobs on my house because they cannot get parked anywhere near due to students blocking all the streets."

Chris Robinson argued: "It's purely money making I've spoken to most of my neighbours who didn't want it .

"The free permit you get has to be renewed every year and no reminder is sent so expect the wardens out in force around that time.

"Why not issue a permit to the address not the car then when needed just have to put on dash board ? It costs me every time a family member comes or they have to avoid coming at certain times."