How Sunderland fans reacted to Simon Grayson's appointment as manager

Sunderland last night appointed Preston boss Simon Grayson as their new manager.

Friday, 30th June 2017, 7:00 am
Simon Grayson, the new Sunderland manager, settles into life as a Red and White.

The Yorkshireman faces a big battle to lift spirits at the Stadium of Light, but his initial comments have given supporters hope for the future, barely a month out from the start of the Championship season, at home to Derby on August 4.

Here’s how some Sunderland fans reacted on Twitter to the appointment.

@MJPotts17: Important to remember Grayson didn’t have to take the #SAFC job. Had a good project going at Preston and chose to leave it behind.

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@JordGoldsmith: Least we have a manager in! Who knows how it’ll go hopefully he sorts out the shambles and rebuilds us from the ground up

@Lew_Safc: Looking forward to Grayson, positive attitude unlike Moyes, just gotta get behind the man until we have a reason not too

@Frankie____: Let’s give the bloke a chance

@HazSafc: We don’t need any big names,we need a manager who knows the league well who can work hard for the club,get the passion back at sunderland

@DanielJenks89: Good to see someone who wants the managerial job. Now we need to give him a chance to try and rebuild the club

@MartysafcLane: Financial backing and sound player recruitment will make or break Grayson. Over to you again now Ellis

@kpgtp73: Just listened to the interview with Grayson & I like him already, honest , focussed and has experience and is a team player

@ConnorSAFC1994: “The players need to bring heart and passion back to this area” Nail, head, on.

@Marcosplace: Grayson’s first interview - SAFC. I liked what he said. Seems he’s up the challenge. Good start.

@MikeyScottImage: Most positive thing this club has done in a long time. Now please, can we just move on and push forward!

@Neshflanders: Good appointment IMO. Although i kinda enjoyed not caring for a few months! Let the frustration begin....

@MartinKPage: Good to see #SAFC appointing a manager who wanted the job, need a clear out top to bottom and start again. Give him time, long road ahead!

@KerrieWilkinson: Moyes came to #safc thinking he was doing us a favour. Grayson sees this as a challenge, yes, but a step up and an opportunity. Fair play.

@mickyforster: Grayson in, give him a chance get behind him. Hopefully he gets some money and get some decent players in. Hawayyyy the lads!

@PeterSAFC1: Breath of fresh air watching that interview with Grayson. Firmly behind him

@JackFen: Simon Graysons Red n White army! Ere he’s from Ripon it’s arnly down the road. Hes one of us

@sportmad72: Simon Grayson probs the type of manager we will need. Experience of championship and used to working on low budgets. Haw’ay the lads

@Parkersafc: I was chuffed when Moyes was announced and look how that turned out. I’m underwhelmed by Grayson but hope it has opposite effect

@Stout_SAFC: Simon Grayson is underwhelming but a decent appointment given our situation, I’ll kiss his baldy heed if he gets us in the play offs.

@bancoeasington: Let’s all get behind Grayson n give the lad a chance Safc till I die

@MattCrighton: I have a feeling he’ll do a good job here.

@jordancronin_: Speaks very well here. Let’s see if he can prove the doubters wrong!

@aamroyal: I think Grayson is a man’s man who will mould a team we can all get behind. I’m happy to stand behind him

@LBarks72: Right I’m backing the fella. Speaks with passion and enthusiasm and clearly wanted the job

@FreeborneJW2: Time to get started then. Welcome Simon. Be better than the last guy.

@AnwarSAFC: Least exciting appointment possible but steady and stable will be a start considering our past failings. Bring on the new season

@driseborough: Grayson has spoken with more positives in 23 seconds than Moyes did in the whole of last season. Let’s get behind him and the team.