How many were killed during the Holocaust?

With International Holocaust Remembrance Day approaching, we answer your questions on the Holocaust.

What was the Holocaust?
What was the Holocaust?

What was the Holocaust?

The Holocaust was the persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews. This was ran by the Nazi regime, in the power of Adolf Hitler.

When was it?

The Holocaust happened between 1933 and 1945.

Why did it happen?

The Nazis, who came into German power in 1933, believed that Jews were racially inferior and were a threat to their community. People of other races or those with mental/physical disabilities were also targeted. The Nazis planned to murder all of the Jews in Europe, using the term 'Final Solution' to conceal the plan.

What was Hitler's goal?

Hitler wanted to take over the world using his power. He was obsessed with creating the 'master race' - a 'pure' society of blonde, tall, blue-eyed men and women who would help him to achieve world domination.

How many Jews were killed during this time?

Between 5 and 6 million were killed out of a population of 9 million Jews living in Europe. Around half of the Jewish victims died in concentration camps, the others were marched into towns in Germany and the surrounding areas to be systematically murdered in groups.

When is Holocaust Memorial Day?

Holocaust Memorial Day is Saturday, January 27 - a day to remember the millions murdered during the holocaust and honour the survivors. The theme for this year's event is 'The Power of Words'.