Housing group praised for supporting worker with Multiple Sclerosis

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A LANDLORD has been praised for helping an employee in a report by the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society.

Stuart Wood, senior estate Officer for East Durham Homes (EDH), featured in the article showing how the organisation has supported him, which has enabled him to continue working full- time.

Stuart said: “East Durham Homes understands how unpredictable MS can be, and is very flexible about letting me have time off if I have a relapse or hospital appointment.

“They have also helped me with equipment and have supplied me with an iPad as my handwriting has deteriorated.

“A supportive employer can make all the difference to someone with MS to stay working.”

Elaine Coatman, EDH tenancy services manager said: “Stuart puts in so much at work, so if there is anything we can do to help him continue to do the work he is so passionate about, we will.

“The company always supports staff where possible, whatever is happening with them either in times of ill health or other personal issues.”