Houghton Real Radio prizewinner to spend her cash on a boob job

WINNER: Wendy Cook has won �6,400 with Real Radio.
WINNER: Wendy Cook has won �6,400 with Real Radio.
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A PRIZEWINNER has said she plans on improving her assets after scooping thousands of pounds in a radio phone-in.

Wendy Cook, who works in finance for the NHS, won £6,400 from a Real Radio breakfast show competition and has said she is now thinking of getting a boob job.

The 20-year-old, from Houghton, who turns 21 in a few weeks, has said she will mark the occasion by splashing the cash on a good party and possibly the enlargement surgery.

She said: “When I knew I had won it felt absolutely fantastic. It felt like I had passed my driving test all over again.

“I was probably playing the game for about 40 minutes in total so it was quite nerve-wracking.

“Even when I was on £800 my boyfriend was telling me just to stop and take the money, but my instinct was telling me to play on.

“But when I got to over £6,000 I decided it was time to stop riding my luck and stop the game.”

Contestants can win up to £10,000 on the Ten Grand Vend competition where they have to select a number and then avoid the crisps in a 12-slot vending machine.

Wendy is also considering putting some of the money aside for the future as she said it’s important to be sensible even after such a win.

She said: “I’m thinking about saving some of the money because jobs in the NHS seem a bit unsure at the moment.

“I have been wanting to get surgery for a while, but now I’ve won the money I want to make sure I spend it wisely.”

Breakfast Host, Lisa Shaw said: “Wendy was a real cool customer – she played the game fantastically well, managing to avoid the crisps and thoroughly deserves her win”.

Co-host, Gary Philipson added “ Another big winner on the Ten Grand Vend. Wendy played a good game and I’m really chuffed for her – roll on the next vend”.

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