Hope for an end to baby’s health fight

Still smiling: George Johnson.
Still smiling: George Johnson.
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MEDICS have made a breakthrough in the treatment of a baby stricken with a mystery condition.

George Johnson, who turns two in December, has undergone 41 operations and investigative surgical procedures in his short life.

Unable to eat or drink, he is fed through a tube and has undergone regular treatment at three hospitals across the country.

Since George’s birth, doctors have been left baffled by his illness and are still trying to diagnose exactly what is wrong with him.

Now, it is hoped specialists in America have finally pinpointed the problem, with the results of blood tests expected in the coming months.

Dad-of-two Neil, 31, from Springwell, said: “We’re hoping these tests will finally tell us exactly what is wrong with him. They are getting much closer to a diagnosis.

“We’re keeping our fingers crossed and we’re expecting the results back for the lab in Cincinnati sometime in the next six to 12 months.”

After carrying out recent examinations, doctors suspect George’s illness is a unique form of dysautonomia, a condition which affects the nervous system.

“He’s already had a lot of tests and they think there is a likelihood that it is a form of this condition,” said Farringdon-born Neil.

“To look at George, you wouldn’t think there is anything wrong with him.

“He’s a beautiful little boy and his is bright and alert.

“Children who have the condition usually have physical or mental problems.

“This has led the doctors to think that it is a unique form of it that they haven’t come across before.”

The family is currently living in Wallasey, on The Wirral, after work in the asset management sector took Neil away from Sunderland.

Neil’s wife Emma, 30, gave up work to look after their son and the couple have now set up a charity to help cover expenses.

Earlier this year, George was admitted again to London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital for further operations and tests.

“We’ve used up all of our savings travelling to the various hospitals where George has had to go,” Neil said.

“He’s pretty much spent all of his life in hospital, which means that when he goes away we have to travel and find accommodation nearby.

“We’ve used up all of our savings covering the costs.”

To support the Team George charity, visit www.facebook.com/pages/Team-George/198383353539966 or twitter.com/#!/_teamgeorge

A white-collar boxing fund-raiser will also take place at the Rainton Meadows Arena on October 21.

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