Hitman HD Trilogy: Xbox 360: Action: £20

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HAVING recently delighted in the exploits of Agent 47 in Hitman Absolution, this HD trilogy comes as a timely reminder of what’s gone before, giving inexperienced gamers the chance to discover the glorious virtual world of contract killing.

It’ll also be a pleasant nostalgic return for existing Hitman fans, as you re-run through more than 40 missions across three classic titles, each re-mastered in HD.

Blood Money is arguably the strongest game of the trio, but all three succeed in still demonstrating the brilliant balance between stealth, no-holds-barred action and intricate story-telling.

OK, Silent Assassin and Contracts are beginning to creak a little and the controls don’t really feel as slick as comparative current generation titles, but with more than 75 hits to handle,