Hitman Absolution: PS3: Action

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HITMAN has been hiding in the shadows for a very long time. Six and a half years to be precise.

In fact, Agent 47 and his iconic bar-coded back-of-head could have almost completely bypassed Sony’s PS3, preferring to emerge at the start of the next generation.

We’re glad he didn’t, though, as Absolution provides a classy execution of how sneak-’em-ups should be played, improving upon 2005’s Blood Money in almost every way.

The dozens of ways to take down enemies will delight players, and the true reward is in the replay and discovery of a new way to do things, in this expansive and sinister game arena, where your evil imagination and a patient approach will win out in the end.

It’s a brilliant single-player experience, and a triumphant return for Agent 47, who looks as good and plays as well as he’s ever done.