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Kat Driscoll in action for Great Britain.
Kat Driscoll in action for Great Britain.
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TRAMPOLINIST Kat Driscoll is aiming high for the Olympics after scooping three medals in the Far East.

After her success in China and Japan where she gained three World Cup silver medals, Kat, 25, is now ranked second in the world with hopes of competing in the London 2012 Olympics.

Kat Driscoll, member of the Great Britain Trampoline team.

Kat Driscoll, member of the Great Britain Trampoline team.

Kat, from Rainton, said: “It was a great experience going to China and Japan. We flew into Japan first then over to China. Japan was a lot more Westernised than I thought it would be.”

Now Kat must keep her standard high with her daily training sessions at Washington Leisure Centre and Gateshead Stadium as she prepares for the Birmingham World Championships in November, which will determine whether she will be representing Great Britain in next year’s Olympics.

“Getting three medals in China and Japan was really brilliant. I just have to keep training for November,” she added.

Kat has been trampolining since she was eight and first discovered her passion for the sport on a family holiday in her native Kent.

Kat said: “I was on holiday with my older brothers and we would go and try out different sports.

“I tried trampolining one summer and was encouraged to come back and have a real go.”

Kat previously worked at HSBC before being funded by UK Sports which has allowed her to pursue her trampolining as a full-time career.

“I absolutely love it,” Kat said. “For a while, I lost the joy of it and was just doing it without passion, but since I moved up to the North East I have rediscovered my love for it.”

Kat moved from Kent to Sunderland seven years ago and married husband Gary Short, 29, last year, who is also a trampolinist.

Kat said: “Gary used to trampoline for Great Britain so he really understands what’s going on. He coaches now for the England team so it’s a huge part of both of our lives, it’s how we met.”

Coaching Kat for the last eight years has been Bill Leach, 60, a former PE teacher at what was Pennywell School.

Bill, a coach for more than 30 years, said: “Kat is really leading the field for women British trampolinists.”

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