Hetton - Down Your Way

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ELCAP raised £130 at its recent coffee morning. Thanks to all who supported the event.

ELCAP will be holding a Punk Night on Sunday, September 12, at 7.30pm with local musicians Mick Hall and James Thourgood. There will also be three groups on the nightm, The Relitces, Kickback Generation and Uncle Paf. Any money raised on the night will be donated to ELCAP. Entry is £3 and can be paid on the door.

At Easington Lane Independent Medthodist Church, Brickgarth, on Saturday, the church will hold its Christian endeavour rally, and the speaker will be Alan Campbell. Also on the following night at 5.30pm the minister, Jean Merton, will lead and speak at the church anniversary service. All are welcome.