Here's what's in Labour's manifesto for Sunderland that party say leaves no one behind

Sunderland's Labour Group has unveiled its manifesto and say their vision for the city is an 'inclusive community where no one is left behind'.

Sunday, 24th March 2019, 11:29 am
Updated Sunday, 24th March 2019, 11:43 am
Launch of the Labour manifesto

Labour councillors and activists came together yesterday to unveil their manifesto, which sets out their party’s priorities to 2022.

The manifesto, which has been developed by Councillors Graeme Miller (leader), Michael Mordey (deputy leader) and Paul Stewart (cabinet secretary), along with cabinet members and the Labour group of councillors, sets out plans for:

Coun Anne Lawson, Coun Michael Mordey, Julie Elliott and Coun Graeme Miller

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The city:

• developing community wealth

• a strong local economy

• a clean, green city

• a safe city

• better housing

The people:

• access to education and skills

• healthier lives

• a strong cultural and events offer

The council:

• high quality and accessible services

• strong, local and effective leadership.

Councillor Graeme Miller, leader of Sunderland Labour Group, presented the document’s headline policies to a packed library at Kayll Road, said: “I am incredibly proud of this manifesto, as it encapsulates everything Labour will be fighting for in this city between now and 2022.

“Every piece of policy within this manifesto has been developed with the city and its people in mind, with the ultimate aim of ensuring that nobody is left behind.

“Though we operate in uncertain and challenging times, we have to be ambitious for Sunderland, for its fantastic people, and optimistic about the future we can create for everyone.”

He added: “As a party, we work constantly to deliver for the people of Sunderland, and as we move towards the local elections, we are sending a clear message to residents about the level of ambition we have for the city. We care about the people, we care about the city and we believe that an effective council can generate the vibrant city that we all want and deserve.”

The manifesto outlines the party’s policies around matters including: using local contractors wherever possible, to encourage economic prosperity; devolving power to Area Committees to allow more local decision-making; supporting the regeneration of the city centre, which in turn will make it more attractive to investors; developing more and better housing; supporting education providers, parents and young people to encourage improved attainment; reducing health inequalities by delivering exceptional support to vulnerable people in Sunderland and providing more opportunities for residents to influence policy and make changes.

Anne Lawson, who represents the Shiney Row ward, said: “I am proud to stand behind this manifesto, which is about ensuring that every single person in Sunderland has the best chance of leading a happy, healthy and prosperous life.

“Labour is working hard, and I would ask people to put their faith in us to deliver for this city.

"We have seen the Tories and Lib Dems embark on a campaign of austerity from the first available opportunity they had and we are doing everything we can to protect local people, protect local services and deliver a vibrant city and economy that everyone can benefit from.”

Julie Elliott MP was among the Labour Party members in attendance at the launch, as well as local councillors, candidates and supporters from across Sunderland and beyond.

To read the manifesto, click here.