Help from next door brings fires in Wearside homes under control

Finchale Close in Houghton.
Finchale Close in Houghton.
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Neighbours came to the rescue after food left cooking sparked two separate fires.

Firefighters from Farringdon and Sunderland Central Fire Stations were called to a house in Finchale Close in Houghton at 10.45pm yesterday after the oven caught fire.

The person inside the house was woken by neighbours after they realised the kitchen was alight.

The blaze left the cooker damage and slight smoke damage to the rest of the room, with a fan used by the fire crew to clear the house of fumes.

At 11pm, another crew from Sunderland Central was sent to Torrens Road in Thorney Close, Sunderland, after a pan left on the hob caught fire in a first floor flat.

A neighbour had managed to put out the fire before the crew arrived, with the team then using a fan to clear the smoke from the flat.