Heart for the chop?

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A £1.8MILLION steel artwork could be demolished.

Chester-le-Street’s Civic Heart Arch, which opened in Market Place in 2007, is now fenced off.

A structural examination last year revealed that the hexagonal briquettes covering the surface of the piece had moved as a result of exposure to the weather, and some are no longer properly supported.

It costs Durham County Council £300 per month to monitor the site, to ensure it remains safe.

Now residents and businesses are being asked for their views on its future.

A consultation puts forward three options.

l Full repair and overhaul of the arch, at a cost of £282,000, plus maintenance costs of £5,000 per year.

l Partial repair at an estimated £184,305, with £5,000 per year for maintenance.

l Or demolition, at £47,919.

People can give their views by visiting www.durham.gov.uk/consultation, where details will be available from Monday.