Your chance to be Sunderland’s biggest loser

Les Ojugbana from Fitness 2000 off Roker Avenue.
Les Ojugbana from Fitness 2000 off Roker Avenue.
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TIME is running out in the hunt for Sunderland’s Biggest Loser.

Earlier this month, we teamed up with Fitness 2000 gym in Roker to find Wearsiders looking to shed weight and gain confidence.

Gym owner Les Ojugbana wants to find 10 people determined to tackle their weight for competition Sunderland’s Biggest Loser.

Finalists chosen for the contest will be given a year of intense training and health advice at Fitness 2000, with the winner being awarded £1,000, a photo shoot of their new look with David Lawson Photography and another year’s free gym membership at the end of the 12 months.

Les was inspired to launch the contest by ITV’s Weight Loss Ward, filmed in Sunderland Royal Hospital, and Wearside being ranked sixth from the top of the UK’s 150 most inactive places to live.

He said: “Shows like Weight Loss Ward haven’t shown Sunderland in the greatest light, but I want to be able to stop people having to resort to surgery to lose weight. You can do it with diet and exercise.”

The 10 finalists will be given two classes and two sessions of guided training in the gym a week, as well as three days to use the gym each week in their own time.

As the weeks go on, they will also be given nutritional advice.

The runner-up will be awarded £500 and the third-placed contestant £200. Les said: “I want people to write in with their reasons for wanting to lose weight.

“I want them to be motivated and dedicated. They can’t just do it for a few weeks and then drop out.

“This isn’t just an exercise regime, it’s a lifestyle change. Sometimes people just need help tweaking things in their diet and fitness which could lead to drastic changes.”

The Echo will be following the final 10’s progress over the course of the year.

l To take part in Sunderland’s Biggest Loser, send a letter with your name, age, weight, height, contact details and explaining why you want to lose weight to Sunderland’s Biggest Loser, Katy Wheeler, Echo House, Pennywell Industrial Estate, SR4 9ER. Closing date: Monday.