Women left confused about what's good for their health

Women say they get conflicting advice about whether a glass or wine is good or bad for you.
Women say they get conflicting advice about whether a glass or wine is good or bad for you.
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Women are in a constant state of confusion when it comes to their health and well-being, according to a new study.

Researchers took an in depth look at how the nation's women feel about the health messages and advice they receive.

According to the study, women feel bombarded on a daily basis with conflicting health messages, leaving a staggering 81 percent feeling baffled by an information overload.

Whether a glass of wine is bad for you, whether it's better to eat a low carb or a low fat diet, and if expensive anti-ageing creams really work, have emerged among a list of things modern women find the most confusing.

How much water to drink a day, whether you can drink any alcohol when you're pregnant and whether or not to cut out bread completely and avoid red meat are also sources of daily confusion.

What UK women find most confusing about their health and well-being
1. Do expensive anti-ageing creams really work?
2. What is healthier, a low fat or low carb diet?
3. How much water should you drink every day?
4. Are diet drinks worse for you than drinks with sugar?
5. Should you cut bread out of your diet completely?
6. Are low fat foods all full of sugar?
7. Is coffee bad for you?
8. Is red meat healthy or not?
9. Will washing my hair everyday dry it out?
10. Is running good for your heart or bad for your joints?
11. What is better to do cardio or strength exercises?
12. If you pluck a grey hair, will more appear?
13. Should you cleanse, tone AND moisturise every day?
14. Should you eat dairy or not?
15. Will shaving your legs make my hair grow back thicker?
16. Hoe much water should you drink?
17. Is a glass of wine bad for you?
18. Will eating butter clog your arteries?
19. Are avocados healthy or fattening?
20. Should you take a day's rest between exercise days?
21. Is it better to have a fizzy drink or an alcoholic one?
22. Will products on the skin clog it up?
23. Is sparkling water bad for your teeth?
24. Is olive oil good for you?
25. Will chocolate give you spots?
26. Will lifting heavy weights bulk you up or make you lose weight?
27. Should you pluck your eyebrows?
28. Is retinol good or bad for the skin?
29. Is it OK for your skin to have the odd sun bed?
30. Will sunbathing age your skin?
31. Are prawns healthy or full of cholesterol?
32. Is fruit a carbohydrate?
33. Will high heels make you look thinner or give me bunions?
34. Will botox make you look older?
35. Should you drink Guinness when pregnant?

The research by E45 was commissioned to launch its new Straight Up Skincare campaign, with newly-announced brand ambassador, Olympic boxer Nicola Adams.

E45's category marketing manager Kate Sweeney said: "The research shows that UK women feel bombarded with lots of conflicting and, at times, downright confusing pieces of advice and information every day.

"We're launching our Straight Up Skincare campaign because we know that women are leading busy lives and just want straightforward advice and products, which is something that E45 stands for and at the core of what we offer customers."