Votes cast in health awards

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THE judges have had their say on who will win awards in recognition of their work to better their lives and community.

The second annual Healthworks Awards will be held in February and will see 14 titles given out to those who have made the most of what is on offer at the wellbeing centre in Paradise Lane, Easington Colliery.

More than 50 people and one group which meets at the NHS-run venue were nominated, with the judging panel spending hours considering who the recipients should be.

Lee Mack, associate director of health at County Durham and NHS Trust; Healthworks co-ordinator Fiona Maher; Jane Morland, corporate responsibilty team leader at Northumbrian Water; Echo acting editor Richard Ord and county chief reporter Fiona Thompson were the panel.

Mr Mack said: “I think for me, the thing which has stood out is the humility which has been captured in these nominations.

“There is something about recognising those who have done amazing things and what they have achieved, sometimes grappling with really difficult circumstances.”

Miss Maher added: “These services are owned by the people who have been nominated for these awards.

“It has made an immense difference to them and I feel very luck to work there, as do all of the staff.

“I’ve seen its success and it’s a great feeling to be part of it.”

Northumbrian Water is one of the supporters of Healthworks, along with Durham County Council.

Mrs Morland said: “We’re really pleased that people have taken the time to nominate and it has been a very difficult job to judge. There’s a lot of information, but also there are stories that we have read that are just so inspirational.

“These people have made choices and chosen to do something to improve their health or their employment prospects and it’s great to see the difference it has made.

“We feel privileged to be involved and work with Healthworks.”

The awards night will be held at the Social Welfare Centre and will have a St Valentine’s theme.

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