Vote: Do you think smokers should stick to designated areas?

Do you think smokers should stick to designated areas?
Do you think smokers should stick to designated areas?

Fitness trainer Katie Bulmer-Cooke caused a social media stir with this week's column in the Sunderland Echo.

In it, she argued that smokers should stick to designated areas, so those who do not smoke don't have to inhale the fumes. She was speaking about some recent visits to Sunderland Royal Hospital, where she said she had to walk through a "cloud after cloud of cigarette smoke" before getting through the door.

Dozens of you reacted to her views on social media - sharing some thoughts of your own.

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Here's what you had to say on social media, when we asked you if Katie Bulmer-Cooke was right:

Keith Miller: "Totally agree. I am a smoker and always keep my distance in respect of others.

Vote in our poll and tell us what you think.

Vote in our poll and tell us what you think.

"The hospital should put a greater priority in stopping this and not so much on charging visitors to park their cars when visiting sick relatives."

Ni Todd: "What will our country rattle on about when there are no more smokers? Fact cars are a far worse pollution hazard now, just because you cannot see the fumes does not mean they are not there, and the petroleum industry must now be one of the biggest destructive industries on the planet but we will all be saved if you do not light that cigarette? I think not."

Lyndsey Turnbull: "Yes she is right, it's terrible, especially when the kids have to walk through it or are behind someone walking with a cigarette and get face fulls of it constantly (not just talking about hospitals either).

"Car pollution is hardly a good analogy, at least the car sticks to the designated road space and you don't get its exhaust fumes directly in your face unless you choose to put your face there!"

Michael Watson: "Personally think people who smoke should be able to smoke wherever they are, unless places like the hospital don't allow it and have designated areas.

If people are smoking outside these designated areas or shelters then it's up to the hospital to address the issue."

Andrew Marc Halverson: "Until someone pays for my cigs I’ll smoke where I like but please stop giving your pollution to me from your cars."

Roddy Macpherson: "Yes, but let's also see some attacks on problem and binge drinkers."

Nicola Fisher: "Couldn’t agree more. Also the fag ends all over the floor make the place look a mess."

Sandra Stamp: "Yes she is [right]. Not everybody smokes."