The bodysuit to beat back pain and balance problems for horseriders

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A BODYSUIT used by movie makers and video gamers could be the key to improving posture, say experts at Sunderland University.

Back problems, balance and poor symmetry of horse riders could particularly benefit from use of the suits that work with motion sensors.

The university has invested in one of the hi-tech suits, as used in the sci-fi movie Paul.

Research by Elizabeth Gandy, a senior lecturer, uses the sensors worn in the bodysuits and is now showing promising results as a method of assessing riders’ posture, lower back pain and injury risk. The research has been published in the Sports Technology journal.

She said: “Lower back pain affects around one-third of the UK adult population and studies have reported that some of the highest injury rates are to be found in equestrian sports.

“Despite this, limited scientific research has been carried out into the effects of asymmetry and poor posture.”

Results revealed the presence of asymmetry in all of the 12 riders studied.

Elizabeth added: “This study has demonstrated that the use of the inertial motion sensor suit provides an efficient and practical method of assessing riders during a range of movements.