Sunderland teenager who survived two transplants told he may not be allowed back to school

Bryant Hackett, 13, with his mum Leanne Wooton.
Bryant Hackett, 13, with his mum Leanne Wooton.
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A BRAVE teenager who fought back from two bone marrow transplants has been told he may not be able to return to school.

Fourteen-year-old Bryant Hackett was hoping to start at Sandhill View Community Arts School at the end of the month, after missing more than a year of schooling due to serious illness.

The youngster, of Hylton Castle, was diagnosed with liver failure less than two months after returning from a holiday in Spain in August 2012, and had an 85 per cent chance of needing a liver transplant.

After being treated with steroids, the lad then suffered bone marrow failure in January last year.

Then he was diagnosed with pneumonia, which travelled towards his heart, and doctors had to rush him in for a bone marrow transplant. The operation wasn’t a success and Bryant, a former Durham Chorister School pupil, was forced to undergo another transplant and spend five months in isolation at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Newcastle.

Staff from Sandhill View, mum Leanne Wooton, his home tutor, medics and a hospital social worker are meeting tomorrow to discuss the possibility of the youngster returning to the school.

However earlier this month Leanne, 36, was informed by a transplant nurse that Bryant may not be allowed to go back as he is carrying the virus CMV, which can be harmful to unborn babies.

His sister Terri Wooton, 20, has had to move out of the family home and is living with her grandmother as she is pregnant.

Leanne said: “It’s very disappointing. He just wants to get back and do proper school work instead of bits of this and that.

“It’s up to the school to put some sort of plan forward to decide how he will get taught.”

Bryant can’t be around any women of a child-bearing age, or who are pregnant, and aren’t CMV positive, in case they pick up the virus.

His mum added: “It doesn’t even affect him. He isn’t ill from it or anything, it’s just a virus that is there.

“I just want the meeting to come so I know what’s happening. It’s dragging out now.

“We were expecting him to go back and now we are just waiting.”

She added: “He’s fine now, we just have to visit the hospital a couple of times a week for him to get medication and blood tests.

“Bryant’s just wants to go back and be with his friends.

“He’s brainy and I don’t want him to have to go back a year.”