Sunderland’s middle-class win drinkers urged to heed health warnings

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MIDDLE-class professionals need to be targeted for alcohol health warnings, a study has revealed.

Drinking wine all week was deemed suitable in the 1970s, 80s and even the 90s for the middle classes.

But while weekend binge drinkers have been targeted, little attention has been paid to wine drinking at home.

Research led by academics at the University of Sunderland shows the middle classes overlook public health messages because they do think they have a problem.

The research also suggested the majority of those drinking with partners and friends at home are women.

The report says public health messages need to be overhauled because they do not target those who drink at home, resulting in them believing their health will not be affected.

Dr Lyn Brierley-Jones, research fellow at the University of 
Sunderland, said: “It is often thought that problem drinking takes place with young people binge drinking in city centres, or with people dependent on alcohol.

“However, drinking regularly during the week when people finish work can be harmful, even if it doesn’t lead to intoxication.

“These drinkers don’t see their drinking pattern as an issue or problematic and ignore health warnings.

“This is despite the fact 
regular drinking could lead to significant health problems later in life.”