Sunderland hospital staff camp out overnight to ensure they can treat patients

Sunderland Royal Hospital.
Sunderland Royal Hospital.

Dedicated medical staff in Sunderland made sure that the severe weather didn't stop them from treating patients by spending the night camping out at hospital.

In a post on Facebook City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust announced that many of its staff had decided to sleep over at the hospital to make sure they could be there the next day to do their shifts.

With heavy snow and strong winds, many of the regions roads were ground to a halt by the weather front known as the 'beast from the east.'

But the medical staff went above and beyond yet again for patients by choosing not to spend the night at home in case they couldn't make it in.

The Facebook post, which has been shared 12,000 times said: "Can you believe many of our amazing staff are sleeping in the hospital tonight so they can care for patients tomorrow?!

"We’ve got your beds ready for you peeps #wedontstopforsnow#AmazingNHS How many shares can we get to say #ThankYou"