Sunderland animation on the dangers of smoking

Filmmaker Satyajit Roy
Filmmaker Satyajit Roy
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THE dangers of smoking and the damage third-hand smoke can cause have been documented in a new film.

University of Sunderland student Satyajit Roy made the three-minute animated film after saying he was shocked so many people were unaware of the adverse effects of the habit.

The 26-year-old, who is studying for an 
MA in animation and design, said he was 
inspired to make Breath of Addiction after he encountered third-hand smoke himself due to his asthma.

Third-hand smoke is created by tobacco smoke lingering after a cigarette has been put out. It particularly clings to fabrics and people can be exposed to particles through inhalation, ingestion or skin contact.

Third-hand smoke is thought to be particularly dangerous to young children because they are more likely to crawl on the floor and eat from their hands without washing them first, ingesting the toxins.

Satyajit said: “I hope that my film has a powerful impact on the minds of people and after seeing it, they take the necessary measures to prevent the hazards of third-hand smoke.

“I’m an asthma sufferer and when I smell cigarette smoke I suffer a great deal.

“During the research, I was shocked at how most people are affected, but little is known about third-hand smoke and its effects.”

Satyajit studied biology and 3D animation in his native India before coming to Sunderland to study his MA. He wants to work in the medical world to help raise the awareness of illnesses and medical conditions.

His film is now on show at the university’s MA Design Degree Show 2013 until Friday, October 4, at the Design Centre Gallery at the University of Sunderland City Campus, Chester Road.