Spotting an allergy

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ABOUT 40 per cent of people in the North East suffer from one allergy or more, research has found.

Studies carried out by pharmacy chain Norchem discovered that almost half of people asked said they had reactions to an allergy, which ranged from hay fever and intolerance of animal hair to severe nut allergies.

Allergy UK estimates that at least 15million people in the UK suffer from an allergy.

The medical allergy charity also estimates that allergic conditions have increased four-fold during the past 20 years.

Peter Batty, Norchem chief executive, said: “As research suggests allergies are becoming increasingly common.

“People can develop allergies at any time in their lives.

“It’s important to raise awareness of some of the signs to look out for, so the allergy can be diagnosed as soon as possible to avoid more serious effects, which if left could severely impact on someone’s health.”