REGIONAL: Artificial limb expert unzipped trousers and told woman to ‘get on and ride that, baby,’ hearing told

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AN artificial limb expert unzipped his trousers at work and told a female physiotherapist to “get on that and ride that, baby”, a misconduct hearing has heard.

Benedict Doree, a prosthetist working for a private firm at the James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough, is accused of bullying another colleague including an incident when he drove at him in the car park, injuring his shoulder.

The married 49-year-old is facing a fitness to practise hearing by the Health Care Professions Council at the Thistle Hotel, Middlesbrough. He denies the allegations.

The deputy centre manager was said to have made inappropriate comments to a woman referred to as Physio B.

When she was checking a treadmill, it was claimed he unzipped his trousers, lay on his back on the floor and said, “get on that and ride that baby” or words to that effect, whilst thrusting his pelvis, the hearing has been told.

It was also alleged he demonstrated inappropriate and unwelcome sexual behaviour towards her on other occasions, even after she told him to stop.

He was said to have simulated sex behind her when she was bent down and on another occasion took a photo of her when she was acting as a model in a hoist sling demonstration and had her legs apart. He is also said to have massaged her shoulders and twirled her pony tail.

It is also alleged he drove his car at a co-worker, referred to at the hearing as Colleague A, in the work car park - causing a “soft tissue injury to his right rotor cuff”.

Mr Doree, 49, was suspended by his employer Otto Bock after the incident at the car park last year.

The panel was shown CCTV of the incident, in which Colleague A hit Mr Doree’s car bonnet.

It was also claimed that he drove his car at Colleague A on a number of occasions when he was on a bike, repeatedly stared or glared at him at work and called him inappropriate names in front of co-workers and the public.

It was also alleged he played a chicken sound from an app on his mobile phone to mock Colleague A, and that he boasted about getting a photo from a social networking site of Colleague A’s wife.

Giving evidence, Mr Doree said: “There was light-hearted banter that went on. Joking was among everyone, all the staff, technicians, prosthetists alike. “The mood was generally positive and we all got through the day.”

He denied making the comments Colleague A claimed he had made, and denied driving dangerously at him when his co-worker was on his bike.

Mr Doree said his manager joined in the “banter”, adding: “He didn’t reprimand anyone or chastise anyone for comments they may have made which were deemed inappropriate.”

He said there was “no way” he lay on his back by the treadmill and made the comment alleged by Physio B, and denied taking a photo of her demonstrating the hoist technique.

He said the staff took turns to demonstrate the hoist and they all knew how uncomfortable it was.

Asked about massaging her shoulders, he replied: “I am completely flummoxed why she would say anything of that nature.”

He insisted all the allegations made by Colleague A and Physio B were untrue.

The case is expected to continue until Friday.