Plea for drivers to keep an eye on their vision

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SAFETY campaigners have urged drivers to keep up to date with their eye checks to reduce the risk to themselves and others on Wearside’s roads.

Brake is working alongside the DVLA, insurer RSA and Specsavers, to encourage people to get their eyesight tested every two years to ensure their vision meets legal standards.

Its survey has shown a quarter of drivers had not had a check-up, with one in 11 admitting they had not visited the optician in five years or more or never, with many motorists, who know they need glasses or lenses, not wearing them on every journey.

Research shows that failing to ensure your vision is good enough to drive is estimated to result in 2,900 road casualties a year nationally.

Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive of Brake, said: “Being a driver is a huge responsibility, and means you need to look after your own health and fitness to drive, as well as making sure your vehicle is roadworthy.

“If your vision isn’t up to scratch you are posing an enormous risk on roads, as being able to see properly is fundamental to being a good driver.

“Your eyesight can deteriorate rapidly without you noticing, and at the wheel that can be lethal.

“That’s why it is so important to get tested every two years, and always wear glasses or lenses if you need them when driving.”

The DVLA has said the number plate test from 20 metres is a simple assessment of vision.