Little Chloe’s mum in plea to blood donors

Chloe Gray, 19 months old'Diamond Blackfan anaemia
Chloe Gray, 19 months old'Diamond Blackfan anaemia
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MUM Francesca Gray is pleading with Wearsiders to have a heart and save a life as blood stocks fall.

The mum to tot Chloe, who is the face of the Echo’s Chloe’s Call-Up campaign, is backing National Blood Week this week and is urging the public to become donors.

Chloe, who turned two at the weekend, suffers from Diamond Blackfan Anaemia, a blood abnormality that causes a low red blood cell count.

Once a month, the youngster has to undergo a blood transplant to stay alive.

Francesca, 21, of Plains Farm, said: “It’s so important that people donate blood. It only takes 30 minutes or so and is really easy to do.

“We know first hand how it can save lives so please give up your time and give blood.”

Figures from NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) reveal that during the Diomand Jubilee weekend national blood stocks fell by seven per cent.

Levels are predicted to further fall as the Euro 2012 tournament gets into full swing, followed by the Olympic games.

During the 2006 World Cup, blood stocks fell by 20 per cent.

Francesca said: “Research shows that regular donors miss appointments during national events like the Olympics, which can distract people.

“During events like these, hardly anyone is donating blood so it’s more important that ever that people do it now.”

Little Chloe is currently battling a chest infection and is undergoing tests at hospital to see if she is swallowing her food properly.

“Chloe’s doing really well with her transplants but the doctors think her food might not be going down the right way,” added Francesca, who is engaged to Chloe’s dad Craig Bowser.

“She’s going to have some tests where she will eat something and then have a series of x-rays to see which way the food is going down.”

Jon Latham, NHSBT spokesman, said: “We know from experience that major public events have a big impact on blood stocks so we prepared ahead for the jubilee to build stocks in advance but we now need a huge effort from the public ahead of a summer of sport.

“This year we need to build 30 per cent increase in blood stock levels ahead of the Olympics celebrations – so please make a date to donate.”

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