How the perfect body could be costing you the perfect smile

Dr Ken Harris
Dr Ken Harris
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Men searching for the ‘perfect gym body’ could be doing serious damage to their teeth, a leading Wearside dentist has warned.

Dr Ken Harris, of Sunderland’s Riveredge Cosmetic Dentistry, has warned 20-something men that hours of exercise in the gym - and even eating too much fruit - can lead to major dental problems.

“A punishing exercise schedule will first of all make them dehydrated, which reduces the protective saliva in the mouth,” said Dr Harris.

“And then after a workout the fashion is to “refuel” with so-called sports drinks which are usually acidic which can be extremely damaging to tooth enamel, and reduced saliva means reduced protection from this acid.

“Everyone is aware of tooth decay, but the equally damaging effects of acid erosion from fruit is often overlooked; paradoxically by the health conscious.

“Ironically, those following healthy advice to eat more fruit are often the unknowing victims of acid erosion of their tooth enamel, and it is the health conscious who are most in the firing line.

“We are encouraged to eat fresh fruit as part of a healthy lifestyle, with many choosing to make fruit smoothies as part of a wholesome diet, yet the acid in fruit juice and smoothies can damage teeth more than fizzy pop.

“Citrus fruits have very acidic juice, but also strawberries, kiwi fruit and even grapes will also dissolve the enamel from teeth. Fruit may be the ultimate fast food, but it can also have a damaging impact on your teeth.”