High risk health areas of Sunderland mapped out

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A NEW health atlas has mapped out where people suffering from serious health conditions are most likely to live on Wearside.

Geographical patterns for 14 diseases and conditions, including breast cancer, lung cancer, heart disease and low birth rates have been mapped out by the Small Area Health Statistics Unit (Sahsu).

Women living in Town End Farm, Washington North and Washington West areas have an above-average chance of developing lung cancer, whereas those living in Pallion and Grindon, are at an average risk.

People living in all areas of Sunderland are at an above-average risk of getting mesothelioma, a cancer which traditionally affects those who have worked in industries such as shipbuilding and been in contact with harmful asbestos.

More people die from the condition in the city than almost anywhere else in the UK. Female Silksworth residents are the most likely in Sunderland to develop coronary heart disease according to the map, with South Hylton, St Chad’s and Fulwell the least likely.

Stillbirths are more likely to occur in areas near central Sunderland, such as Thorney Close, Grindon, Pallion and St Chad’s, than in other postcodes in the city.

Ryhope is where men are most likely to have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder, the most common cause of heart disease.

Dr Anna Hansell, from Sahsu, said: “The atlas is a fantastic tool for researchers, policy makers and the public.

“It is the first publication in the UK to amalgamate data at this level of resolution on health and environment.

“It also allows us to identify the important questions that need answering about patterns of health and environment risk for future avenues of research.”