Gran comes back from brink of death

Dorothy Wilson, right, with her daughter Victoria Archer and grandaughter Abbie Rickelton, left
Dorothy Wilson, right, with her daughter Victoria Archer and grandaughter Abbie Rickelton, left
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POORLY gran Dorothy Wilson stunned her family – when she came back from the brink of death.

The 75-year-old’s family gathered around her bedside after doctors told them she didn’t have long left due to carbon dioxide poisoning.

But once the Whitburn gran-of-nine’s oxygen ventilator was removed, she sat up in her South Tyneside District Hospital bed.

Granddaughter Abbie Rickelton, 31, said: “It’s just incredible. All of the family was gathered around her bed. We’d all been prepared for the worst, and were told that once her oxygen mask was removed, she’d probably pass away a few moment later.

“The nurse came in and switched the machine off. But then nana made a few noises, before sitting. Needless to say, we’re all stunned,. It was like something out of an old fashioned horror movie.”

Widow Mrs Wilson, of Parry Drive, was found unconscious by Abbie, who lives across the road, last month.

The mum–of–three, who has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, collapsed as she couldn’t rid her body of the poisonous carbon dioxide,

Abbie, who’s mum to Gavin, three, said: “I visit nana every day at 11am, but at 9am that day I noticed her career couldn’t get in, which was very strange, so I went over.

“After we finally got her spare key to open the door, we found her lying on the sofa, but we couldn’t wake her up and she was taken by ambulance to hospital.” On arrival, the gran was placed on a ventilator. Over the next few hours numerous blood tests were taken to check her oxygen levels. But by 3pm doctors said levels weren’t improving and Mrs Wilson’s family were told to say their final farewells.

Abbie said: “When we’d all gathered round the bed for nana’s last moments and she woke up, the nurse ran out of the room to fetch help.

“I don’t think anyone could believe what had happened.

“But we’re all thrilled to bits.”

Mrs Wilson has now quit her 60-year smoking habit, and after spending a fortnight in hospital, she is back home with just inhalers.

She said: “I’m glad I woke up in the hospital bed, and not a few days later in a cemetery.”