False teeth and knives among lost property at Sunderland hospital

False teeth
False teeth
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FALSE teeth, a birth certificate and gold rings are just some of the items handed into lost property at Sunderland Royal Hospital.

A freedom of information request made by the Sunderland Echo to the hospital revealed that jewellery is the most common item which people lose at the site.

Other items, which individual departments found last year, before handing them into the general office, include a Sony mobile phone, which was left in a ward toilet, cash found in the maternity ward and a Pandora bracelet in A&E.

Seven yellow metal rings were found in the laundry department, while a string of pearls in the car park, a watch in A&E, wallets, handbags, cash and a travel card were also recovered.

A spokesman for Sunderland Royal Hospital said items – which can also include false teeth and knives – can be kept for up to six years.

“After that time, after an inventory of items that can be sold, such as jewellery, they are valued, sold, and the amount goes into our trust general purposes fund,” he said. “We do our very best to ensure that property that can be tracked back and returned to the rightful owner.

“Items claimed are returned to patients or relations on proof of identity.

“Our lost property is probably similar in amount to other trusts and public organisations – sometimes we go for months without any items being handed in.”