Drive to help Sunderland men live longer

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WANTED: men in Sunderland hoping to live longer.

Health workers are calling on Wearside’s men to help improve their chances of living a healthier and longer life.

Latest figures show Sunderland has some of the worst areas of deprivation in the UK.

Although life expectancy for people in the city is up, the gap between those living in Sunderland and the rest of England is widening, especially for men.

The average life expectancy for men in the city is 75 years, compared with 77 for England.

Doctors say the main causes include lung, prostate, testicular, skin and bowel cancers.

Heart disease, brought on by excessive smoking or drinking, is also one of the conditions cited as a big problem for men in the area.

Sunderland Teaching Primary Care Trust’s public health team last year set up a men’s health steering group, which it is hoped will improve different aspects of Wearside men’s health.

The group is made up of public, private and community organisations as well as those in the voluntary sector.

As part of this the Men’s Health Network was launched with bi-monthly meetings for me to discuss health improvement initiatives.

Organisers say they would now like men from across the city to attend the latest health network event.

Yusuf Meah, promoting health practitioner at Sunderland Teaching Primary Care Trust, said: “We are encouraging men to stop by the Men’s Health Network event which is raising awareness of men’s health issues and encouraging men to get involved.

“The network gives men the opportunity to become aware of the current work on men’s health in Sunderland which aims to narrow the gap of male life expectancy.”

It is hoped that by discussing health issues and how best to combat illness it will help increase the chances of Sunderland men living longer.

The Men’s Health Network meets tomorrow at Gentoo Living, Akeler House, Doxford International Park, from 10am to 12pm.

Those wanting to book a place should email or call Mr Meah on 529 7200.

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